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1 Apr 2012

I miss my 3 kids


Hi semua.. Happy Sunday.. I'm busy and have to standby for World Halal Forum 2012..
Every year I akan berkampung Kat KL convention for 3 4 day for world halal forum..

Actually I don't want to tell about WHf story.. I just want to tell how I miss my 3 kids.. Hmmmm.. No words can describe.

Last night I stayed at hotel and I already standby my daughter kain for me to sleep with .. Huhuhu... The smell is so nice...

Nie la kain batik betung Airis mlm2

This morning I waked up, its empty and quiet.. takde suara2 budak2 yang akan tanya me for macam2 soalan.. Normally kan pagi2 lg bukak mata dah nampak my kids tue.. I felt different. I do really miss them..

I have 2 more nights to sleep without my prince & princess.. Hopefully not so bad and I still can tahan..

This is my 1st time I berpisah dengan Airis.. Mcm mana la Dia agaknya kat Umah with my mother.. I'm so miss her smell... Hope everything ok..

Ibu sangat2 rindukan semua.. And Dady pun ibu rindu jugak  ;-P

Ok la.. Night all. I'm tired and need to wake up early tomorrow

Semoga Allah memudahkan segala urusan and takde la org2 yang akn menumbulkan masalah esok.. Amin

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