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11 Oct 2012

Why Ibu and Dady ?

Our kids call me Ibu and call my husband Daddy. 

Why we wanted them to call Dady and Ibu ? this name is not matching at all. Not suitable at all but we still wanted them to call Daddy and Ibu.

Why ? Why not Daddy and Mummy or Ibu and Ayah or Mak and Bapa or ayah (Like me and my husband) ataupun Umi and Baba or papa and mama and bla bla bla..

Kisah nya macam nie, Dulu-dulu, When I worked in Penang and my office mate, Kak Wati has 2 sons. They call her Ibu and her husband Daddy. I felt So sweet, different and cheeky too. Something really different and tak banyak orang buat macam tu. 

Then I set in my mind if i have a kids I also want they call me and my husband Ibu and Daddy.

Kebetulan pula my boyfriend a.k.a my husband now la want his kids call him daddy.. and he don't mind if i want my kids to call me Ibu. So go on la.. We agreed with daddy and Ibu..

The problem is, normally infant yang nak start cakap will speak Mamamama or papapapa or dadadada... Susah nak ajar diorg sebut Ibu... Ibu... or dady.. dady.. sebab ada 2 suku kata... hehehheee.. At least daddy tu they said dydydy... Ibu... Just Buuuuu..

But anyways my kids boleh jugak la sebut Daddy and Ibu.. tue pun bila diorg dah boleh cakap sikit2.

Ada jugak yang tanya  kenapa tak panggil Mummy.. I said ... We just follow what we want but the true stories is I influence by my friend and my friend tue tak tau pun yang I copycat dia.. heheheheee...

(To Kak Wati.. if you read this, I just wanna say thank you because you give me an idea... a very sweet idea...which is not all people like us )

Then I realize my cousin pun terikut-ikut I.. I think so!!!! Her name is Intan.. kan Intan kan kan kan ???

Her kids also call them daddy and Ibu. Maybe because after she heard my kids call dady and Ibu, she become like me. Terasa macam best then dia pun set her mind like me. And one more thing, before she got married, she selalu datang lepak at my house.. so terikut2 agaknya.. Hehehehee

That the story why my kids call me Ibu and Daddy...

Very different with others, sweet and cheeky and sekurang2 nya sorang ala2 mat salleh seorang still ada ciri2 kemelayuan sikit ...

Don't you all think that sweet and cheeky too???
What about you ??

Adam / Airis / Aslan


  1. tak kisah panggil apa, janji u bahagia :-)
    abang long i plak, dia mama dan daddy. tapi bila anak-2 start sekolah, diorang taknak panggil daddy. anak-2 decided to call him Papa! Last-2 Papa lah jugak kekekeke. But the wife still calls him Daddy lah.

  2. Heheee.. unit gak tu.. Anak2 pangil Papa.. isteri panggil Daddy.. Hmmm cute .. cute..