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13 Jul 2012

My Aerobik class

This is step style

This entry is just nak share my activities and my interest about my  aerobic classes..

I joined this aerobic class on 21 June 2012 and I managed to discipline myself to join this classes for 3 times every week. Before this i ada joined at Candi soo tue pun company bayor but i get pregnant so I stop sekejap... And now i think i have to do something if not hmmmmm tak tau la nak cakap...

I joined this aerobic class for almost one month and I already can see the result ... My stamina become better, I feel happy, I feel sexy (hahaaha),  and i can eat what I want to eat, and I can be crazy on my aerobic class.. Nobody cares... But everybody enjoying their self.. and we really have a great and fun time..

Believe me you can release your strees by doing this. Why I said that ?? Because u can dance, u can jump and you will sweating and this kind of stuff memang boleh hilangkan stress.. Believe me ...

My MAIN goals is just two. First is to Reduces body fat and second is Reshapes the body and improves appearance. It sounds POYO but yes that is what I want. For me taklah nak jadi kurus sangat but if i can maintain as per now pun dah kira okey la.. Thats why la i said i can eat what i want as long as I not skip my class. Plus minus when we up to 3 series nie, our body memang cepat naik and if we tak control and makin naik and naik and memang susah lah nak turun balik..

It just not to get slim or what but it is actually for our health. If we healthy we can do whatever we want and macam pepatah melayu " Mencegah lebih baik dari mengubati "

I joined this aerobic class at Celerity Fitness ye.. Not celebrity Fitness. They just have biasa2 facilities.. Not as good as celebrity or True Fitness but for me its fine as long as they provide my aerobic class so that i can forced myself to do the workout for 3 hours every week. I am more than satisfied.

The best part of this class is we did various of aerobic style in this class. We did step, joget, ala ala bolywood, ala ala latin, ala ala Arab (Arab and Latin is for exorcise for perut) and we did Poco poco too.. As long as all of us happy and we love what we did.

I want to tell about my geng2 aerobic nie. I am very impressed of them... biarpun berbadan besar and almost 40++ their stamina is very strong. I pun pancit ok but yg i pancit tue is just masa I mula2 joined the class la... They crazy, positive, open minded and mcm2 la. You can feel something good, positive and different when you sweating... I just dont now how to describe it here... If you want to know the feeling just go and workout than you can understand what i mean..

The problem is after class I have no time to beramah mesra ngan akak2 nie because i have to rushed balik umah for my husband and my kids pulak. My husband give me permission to join the aerobic class pun dah Alhamdulillah kan.. So i just don't want to take the granted pulak.. kang my husband said " Bagi paha nak betis " hehehheee.. So ada baiknya after work out i terus balik and no gossip2 section... itu lebih afdal...They bukan gossip apa pun they share something la lipstick nie lawa, sapa nak order kuih and bla bla bla... hehehee.. lawak jugak..

I hope my discipline can be continuously la.. so that the positive mood always in my mind and I can enjoy myself masa workout tue.. I love to workout, I love sweating, I love feel fresh and I Love my Aerobic class.. and I want to have fun with the benefit activites..

Eh eh why I am speaking LONDON hah ??? Takpa la.. hentam ja la.. janji apa yg nak dicerita difahami.. hehehe.. sorry if my grammar bad but i tried to wrote in English ok... If ada yang salah you can comment me as OH MY ENGLISH...

Sexy pulokkk gambo cartoon nie dok work out.. wakaka

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